Powered by a 64bit Dual Core ARM A53 Armada 3700 SOC clocked up to 1.2Ghz

1x Topaz Networking Switch

1x uSD card slot with footprint for an optional 4GB EMMC

512MB DDR3, 1GB DDR3 & 2GB DDR3 options

2x Gb Ethernet LAN

1x  Ethernet WAN

1x SATA interface for HDD storage

1x USB 3.0 and 1x USB 2.0

1x MiniPCIe for Wireless/BLE peripherals

2x Row of GPIO headers for accessories and shields

Physical Interfaces

Board Interfaces

Board Interface


 Armada SOC

Armada 3700 SOC block diagram

Armada 3700 SOC block diagram

Topaz Switch Specs

Topaz Switch

Topaz Switch

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