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Ok, I got it to compile and work although I’m not happy about the method.

The https://git.openwrt.org/openwrt/openwrt.git repository compiled fine and supports the packages I needed, but it doesn’t support the espressobin marvell chipset.

So, starting with lede_17.06_release I modified the feeds to point to the openwrt package source. This didn’t fix the issues I was having.
I then replaced the package/libs/zlib/Makefile from lede_17.06_release with the one from openwrt.org. This let me compile and so far all of the selected packages seem to be working.

git diff –name-status
M feeds.conf.default
M package/libs/zlib/Makefile
M rules.mk
M target/linux/mvebu64/config-default

I hope that the Marvell chipset gets supported soon in the mainline openwrt branch and I hope this helps someone else.


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