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Thanks, @pacman.

As far as I can see on the schematic, each Gbit port is connected individually to the Topaz switch and there’s no real difference on the ports; one may be labelled “WAN” but I’m pretty sure that you in theory could pick any of the ports for “WAN” (even two or all 3).

Very interesting. Sounds solid; but then when I boot e.g. Ubuntu on my Espresso, interfaces lan0 and lan1 actually look as lan0@eth0 and lan1@eth0, while interface wan seems to have its own h/w port. It does seem as if the two switch ports dubbed LAN are positioned differently into the CPU bus. Again I don’t know enough about the hardware yet to test, let alone confirm that.

Thus in order to build a router/firewall, you definitely want to have the WAN and LAN separated (eg. by switching off the WAN in uboot until the router software turns it on).

I’ll take that; does this require compiling my own u-boot or is this something that can be passed to u-boot via the preboot environment?

Thank you very much!

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