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while interface wan seems to have its own h/w port

They’re all connected to the Topaz switch.
Eg. The CPU talks to the Topaz switch via a 2.5Gbit line, the Topaz switch talks to 3 x 1Gbit Ethernet ports.
(this means the maximum total speed on your 3 x 1Gbit ports will be 2.5Gbit/sec, not counting any protocol overhead).
“WAN” is really only a name; you should be able to connect all of them to the same switch in order to get a ‘combined’ 2.5Gbit port (eg. using link-aggregation).

I’m pretty sure you can change the name of lan0, lan1 and wan in configuration files. Try something like …
cd /etc; grep -RE ‘\Wwan\W’ * 2>/dev/null
… and see if something shows up (likely inside /etc/network).

I’ll take that; does this require compiling my own u-boot or is this something that can be passed to u-boot via the preboot environment?

As far as I understand what @steveb is saying, you’ll need to change a .dts file only.
Notice that steve links directly to the line that needs to be changed. (line 87, which says ‘port-mask = <0xf>;’)
-So I would not expect it to be necessary to re-compile anything.
I can’t test, because it’ll still be a while before my EspressoBIN boards (which I ordered two days ago), will arrive.

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