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I’ve often seen that people on the net do not add custom, taxes and handling to the factory-price.
Every day people make this mistake, when shopping for cheap items from China on eBay, Alibaba, etc. and I’ve often had to explain what those numbers are and that it’s not likely that the price can be lowered legally in any way.

My best advice is: Find out what the rules are for your location, expect to pay 50% more than your duty+handling+tax calculations and be happy if you’re wrong. 😉
(Note: I’m not saying that you should be happy that you need to pay extra, just that it’s better to over-estimate than under-estimate!)

In a few days, my two 2GB boards will arrive.
As I’m located in Denmark and got the boards shipped using FedEx economy from Fullerton (USA).
My estimates for custom handling, tax and custom if sent by airmail are as follows…
Handling: $26.67 (always DKK 160; this lasts for one month)
Custom : $69.67 (25% of item price + shipping price + DKK 160)
Tax : $14.23 (5% of item price + shipping price + handling + custom if that exceeds DKK 1150,-; this can be between 0% and 25%)
Total : $110.57 (to pay on arrival)

The above rules applies to package values that exceed DKK 80,-
This means if the value of the contents of the package is less than $10 (currently $13), then no additional fees are to be paid at all; the package will go right through.

Note: It’s for safety that I used 5% for tax; the actual tax for the correct SBC tariff / taric code (8471.41.00 00) is 0%.

Those prices are in case the boards would be sent using the standard airmail for two boards.
If custom, tax and handling is less than that, when using FedEx, I’ll be positively surprised.

Thus imagine I want to sell the boards to the EU; I’d get the boards shipped to Denmark, pay the duties and further shipping.
That would be approximately $212 (including shipping via mail/airmail) for a single $79 board.
For a $39 board, the price would be $159,30.

If anyone live in a european country (still counting the UK as being an european country) and can import the boards for a much lower price, please post a reply here; you could perhaps make a few bucks on each such shipment and it would be helpful for other members of the community.

Also remember that re-shipping the boards from within the EU to the destination will cost extra.

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