Home Forums Hardware discussions Are LAN0 and LAN1 bridged in hardware? Reply To: Are LAN0 and LAN1 bridged in hardware?


Now, if I could only get the ability to wireshark the traffic over the LAN0 and LAN1 interfaces – or ANY interface.

Does this include other kinds of interfaces such as USB?
-If so, then I’m pretty sure that any linux-box can do packet-sniffing on USB.
But as I’m no expert on Ethernet or TCP/IP, I’ll leave the question about the LAN interfaces to those who can give an answer that’d make sense. 😉
I do think that it’d be possible to insert the EspressoBIN between two devices and monitor the network traffic, though, but I don’t know whether that’s a “Linux question” or an “EspressoBIN question” or both.

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