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Unfortunately, I’m currently unable to help; I’m waiting for new SD-cards to arrive, since I wore my SD-card out while I was writing Armbian to it.
It’s better that you post this on the Armbian forum here.

-This will result in two things:
1: You’ll get the help you need – likely from an expert on the field, like Igor. 😉
2: The developers will be made aware if there is an issue with the build.

As for myself, I’ve attempted to install Armbian directly to SATA, but I haven’t gotten very far; I’ve written the image to a partition; the next thing I need to do is copy the boot files (but I do not know if I can update uboot).

Note: It says on the Armbian download page: “manual flashing to latest u-boot is mandatory”; see the download page for instructions if you haven’t done this already.

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