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How well it works: For me the board seems to be quite stable, even though I’m using an old almost worn-out harddisk while testing. The board has been running continously (and without crashing) for a few weeks now.

The odroid c1+ is a nice board, it has a fast quad-core CPU, but that does not mean it will perform well.
EspressoBIN is the only affordable board with a high-speed SATA interface.
All other affordable boards use USB-to-SATA bridges, which means you won’t get much more than 50/sec-60MB/sec. transfer speed. The EspressoBIN has a REAL 6G SATA, which means you’d be able to get more than 500MB/sec – and you could also add a extra SATA interfaces if you decide that later.

For extracting zip and rar, you’ll likely want unzip and unrar – perhaps also unar and lsar.

Try this first:
sudo apt-get install unrar

-If you get an error, add the ‘multiverse’ repository, then try again:
sudo add-apt-repository multiverse

-If ‘add-apt-repository’ is not found, then install it by issuing…
sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
… and proceed with installing unrar …
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unrar

When you’ve gotten unrar installed, you can proceed to unzip and unar:
sudo apt-get install unzip

-If that fails, try adding the ‘universe’ repository, then try again:
sudo add-apt-repository universe
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unzip

If you succeeded in installing unzip, unar should install without problems.
sudo apt-get install unar

Note: If you at some point get a message about a package not being available, then try adding repositories (like ‘universe’ and ‘multiverse’) – search the internet to find out which repository is necessary in order to install the package.
-Most packages will likely install if you have the two mentioned repos, though.

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