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Thank you for your detailed answer.

Let me write down my plans more specific:

Power: 18650 battery pack (serial/parallel) with buck converter.


Multi I/O USB 3 Card reader (Kingston is my favorite)

SOC: Needs Stand Alone Sata interface + USB3 -> Espressobin

Display: I2E or SPI for displaying status. High speed voltage converters if needed with the GPIO pins of the EspressoBin

Buttons: U/D/L/R Enter for menu options.

3D printed Case.

Being on photo assignment I need a fast method to dump the contents of my memory cards to disk, so that I have a second backup.
The cards are all 32Gb or 64 GB so USB2 is too slow. Knowing that I also need to know if the EspressoBin USB3 and Sata controller are separate or bridged.

I’ve found Linux software on Github that does the job (includes a 2.2″ I2E display)

I’m going to test this on mu OrangePI and /or Raspberri Pi. If this works I would consider ordering an Espressobin, because it’s the only board I know with Sata and USB3.

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