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The power supply is my least concern.
I have building a battery powered PSU under control.
Most 18650 are 2000-2200 Ah.
Planned to use 5S(1 or 2)P that would give me 14,8 V (nominal) @2,7V low power drop off.
Which will give me 13,5V low power drop off (buck converter will be able to handle 12V at 13,5V) with a 1A current draw with 5S1P or 2A with 5S2P.
The latter will be a bulky and heavy pack. Need to do some calculations how much current I will need.
14,8V * 2A = 25-28W with conversion losses.

14,8V -> 12V Buck
14,8V -> 5V Buck

Most important is, level conversion for the display (i2e) and will a 256GB SSD and Multicard reader with cards of 32 and 64 GB be accepted.
AND, finding a supplier, because so foar I’ve found the shipping costs are half the board price. (I live in the Netherlands)
Commercial options are available for my project, but very expensive. DIY is also a favorite way for me to do things.

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