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I would think it would be the same as on other SBCs like the pi, I will test once I get an OS running.
I will resign to ubuntu if I must, though I was really hoping to get the buildroot tutorial to work for me.
The buildroot guide keeps giving me errors on building with make.

I know a fan + heatsink is overkill, the image was a joke, however if in an enclosed space, or somewhere with stagnant air, a heatsink alone does virtually nothing but provide a heat buffer. I was mostly suggesting a fan without a heatsink to help with spikes in usage, though thinking about the rebooting described by the OP, it seems more likely than heat that the board was rebooting from a voltage drop.

espressobin@kalvdans.no-ip.org, do you have a voltmeter to test the voltage when it happens? What power supply are you using, 5v USB, or the provided 12v wall wart?

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