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Thanks for the help, but I am still having issues.
After figuring out that I needed to also download the kernel, and put it into boot, I managed to get things together, and all the files are where they should be, but now when I try to boot, I get:

run bootmmc                                  
switch to partitions #0, OK
mmc0 is current device
** File not found var/Image **
** File not found var/armada-3720-community.dtb **
Bad Linux ARM64 Image magic!

And then when running ext4ls, I get

Marvell>> ext4ls mmc 0:1
<DIR>       4096 .
<DIR>       4096 ..
<DIR>      16384 lost+found
<DIR>          0 media
<DIR>       4096 bin
<DIR>       4096 proc
<DIR>          0 tmp
<DIR>         36 dev
<DIR>       4096 sys
<DIR>          0 lib
<DIR>       4096 var
<DIR>        663 root
<DIR>        653 etc
<DIR>          0 boot
<DIR>          0 usr
<DIR>       4096 mnt
<DIR>       4096 srv
<DIR>       4096 run
<DIR>       4096 opt
<DIR>       4096 sbin
<DIR>       4096 home

Which does not match the guide, because the numbers are different…
And running this…;

ext4ls mmc 0:1 boot

Returns nothing, as though it was empty.
I know there are files in there though, browsing to that directory on my desktop finds the files… I am very confused.

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