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> I’m somewhat reluctant to overclock the board, as it is the only one I have currently 😉

Understandable. At the moment both cpufreq scaling and THS (thermal readouts) seem not to work. Since the SoC seems to be approx. 11x12mm in size I already ordered some 1.5mm thick copper shims to connect SoC and Topaz Switch to the enclosure bottom of an aluminium box (so the case will be used for heat dissipation).

As far as I understood SoC and Topaz switch are interconnected with 2.5GbE, what about using two GbE clients, starting
taskset -c 0 iperf3 -s -p 5021 and taskset -c 1 iperf3 -s -p 5022 on the Espressobin and then testing with each client against port 5021 and 5022 respectively?

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