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I finally had the chance to do the same throughput measurements with a db_88f3720_ddr3_modular board, which has the same 88F3720 CPU, and two phys connected to two dedicated SGMII busses (via SerDes), and it runs at 1GHz. Otherwise the same setup as above, both cores can be fully utilized using CPU affinity settings for the two SGMII related interrupts. Here are the results:

FrameSize         FrameRate       BitRate
64                 349726          179166674  
128                340851          349324332  
256                313973          643659427  
512                328397          1346240596 
1024               237464          1946168575 
1280               192286          1969230769
1400               176001          1971830985 
1514               162956          1973924380
1518               162506          1973992197

So this time the GBit Ethernet gets saturated for frames >=1024bytes, and all this while staying below 55°C without a heat sink, which was really impressive 😉

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