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This is a slap in the face. I was using OpenWRT and had some hard drive glitches from a power outage, and I did the same as always if power goes out, I was logged into a PuTTY terminal session on OpenWRT, I unmounted the drive and did a drive error scan and fixed all the errors. I did a power reset like always and the device came up without even basic LAN communication. There was nothing working whatsoever other than the green light. I’ve been working for 2 days just to get the terminal interface hooked up. In your specs on Amazon you say 12V *OR* 5V. I did not realize that both power sources must be hooked up for terminal. Never could get putty to communicate on Windows 10 by setting both the driver to 115200 and Putty. I finally downloaded Tera Term and I had no idea if the terminal was working other than with both power sources I received those same weird > arrows and “E”, same as the posters above. By chance I entered a ? and got this:

h/? – print this help screen
r yyyyyyyy – read register/memory at address yyyyyyyy in hex
w yyyyyyyy zzzzzzzz – write zzzzzzzz to address yyyyyyyy in hex
j yyyyyyyy – jump to address yyyyyyyy in hex
x y – change the boot mode, where y is in hex
a – UART control passed to AP CPU ROM
c – UART control passed to CM3 CPU ROM

This is insane … what caused it and how to I get my OpenWRT working again?

I don’t know anything about bootloaders or anything out of the first guide that was published how to install OpewnWRT and then it was just a cookbook for me. Where do I start to get this working again? And while I have your attention, does anyone know why the restart command in OpenWRT will never reboot this device and I have to unplug it every time? What if someone wanted to control the device remotely? …

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