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Background: Bought this board for OpenWRT use and Samba. Never compiled anything on linux before and just want to utilize the speed and memory of this board. My failure is named above. I am leery that even after I go through all this UART building that it will happen again. So that is a looming concern. Additionally I prefer to work from Windows if possible and even though I can use OpenWRT and can download OPKG sources, I struggle with all else. Now in my research so far:

Reading from this page: http://wiki.espressobin.net/tiki-index.php?page=Bootloader%2Brecovery%2Bvia%2BUART
Starting with Windows procedure:
– Hyperterminal has not been available for perhaps 20 years and was discontinued with Windows XP
– WTPTP Tools are no longer downloadable; Marvel requires signing up for a user portal and requires a lot of your personal info; then you are informed you must contact Marvel sales and establish a non-disclosure agreement with their team if you have access to anything they provide such as these tools

Then to attempt Linux procedure:
– again the WTPTP tools for Linux is not downloadable except in complie-able code. I have enough trouble just signing onto linux much less compiling something so why can’t tools be provided in executable form?

Looks like I have a boat anchor on my hands and if I get it fixed, how long until it goes belly up again?
Pretty crazy.

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