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More comments on this page from someone who is a non Linux professional …
Reference: http://wiki.espressobin.net/tiki-index.php?page=Bootloader%2Brecovery%2Bvia%2BUART
In the Linux section, you state that the board can be jumpered for UART but you do not say if we should do it or not or if it is required for this procedure.

I am trying to get my OpenWRT implementation working again, do I use the latest release to try to build or the ones on the website? I do not have skills to compile any code, sorry.

In the Linux recovery procedure from the linked material above, you don’t state to start a console to the serial port and what effect this will have if you plan to also use the Wtptp tool to transfer at the same time. I found that Putty would not communicate with this device as I said before. Once I jumpered the board to UART mode, the serial console would not work from any software on Windows or Linux. Is the console supposed to respond with the cryptic E and > if jumpered to UART mode? That isn’t made clear but regardless that “function” is lost on my device with the UART mode jumpered.

Now without being a programmer, how do I know which files to use to try to recover my OpenWRT image?
I need to figure out which one of these files is which according to the Linux tool:
(see my post above for the full help info from this command)
-B [TIM.bin] Input TIM file (binary)
-I [Image_h.bin] Input any image file (_h binary)

Now I have at my disposal:
(is this my -B or -I option file?)

I also have from Espressobin zip file “ebin-openwrt-17.10” containing these three files:
(are either of these my -B or -I option file?

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