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Hi Bryan,

If this is just the rootfs that was on the SD card, I already extracted the kernel and modules from it and am using it in the Ubuntu 16.04 rootfs I built, but thank you.

Do you have any idea what the timeline for obtaining driver source is going to be like? I would very much like to be able to add some additional stuff to the kernel running on my espressobin.

Also, I don’t want to be a pain, but the pcie8897/mlan driver is at least in part GPL code, according to module license declarations…

(PS: The in-tree mwifiex driver, at least as of Marvell’s 4.4.52-17.06 tree, panics immediately on load. The various “mwlwifi” trees I’ve found elsewhere either don’t build against 4.4 or also panic on load. So I can’t use either of those and really do need the pcie887/mlan driver source, at least until such time as mainline support for the board happens. I’m very happy to see the work you’re doing with Free Electrons to make that happen!)

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