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Thanks for looking at that. I was not an early bird so no board yet. I took some time and looked at the block diagram and the chip capabilities after finding this info and here is what I found.

SFP+ is directly supported by the CPU so can get solid 10Gbps to the CPU

WAN & SFP share the same 88E1512 1 Gbps chip so only 1 may be used at a time and 1Gbps max back to CPU

The 4 Port Switch is connected to a 88E6141 which looks from the block diagram to be connected via 1 uplink to the CPU, that uplink is only good for either 1Gbps or 2.5Gbps based on how its configured. So we may be able to feed data to the board at 10Gbps but at no point can we saturate that link unless using a combination of the 1Gbps for Wan/SFP and 2.5Gbps to the 4 1Gbps ports and maybe writing to SSD and transmitting over wifi.

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