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The Espressobin device tree in mainline does not have the SDHCI controller for the SD card slot enabled, so unless you want to figure out what how it needs to be augmented to have that, you’re out of luck as far as the SD card goes. The SATA port or USB will probably work, though.

Wifi: the “mwifiex” driver in mainline _might_ work. The version in the Marvell tree panics on load most of the time for me, but the mainline version might have fixes. I have admittedly yet to try with different firmware versions. Note, however, that as far as I can tell, mwifiex only supports one AP interface at a time, instead of the two that the 4.4.8 binary Globalscale provides does – I believe that means you need to pick one of 2.4GHz or 5GHz if you want to use it in AP mode. Alternatively, there’s https://github.com/kaloz/mwlwifi, which I haven’t had luck with on 4.4.8 or 4.4.52, but might work with 4.12.

Good luck! Please report back.

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