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Hi cuddlepuncher,

running apps like NextCloud or Selfoss on an EspressoBIN that also acts as a home router with SATA hard drive is exactly why I’ve been very excited about the EspressoBIN.

The WiFi should work (although I have not been able to test yet … lead times for the module are quite long) but unfortunately the UBOS “gateway” configuration does not work yet as it should. At least UBOS does not automate it yet. I have posted various questions about just how this is supposed to work in various places, but no answers … (Some on this wiki)

I’d really like
1) one upstream interface (“wan0”) that
2) two local interfaces (“lan0/1”) but with different IP addresses, so we can attach different routing policies.

I’ve attempted to copy the settings as they are in Ubuntu and Arch as described here, but I’ve always ended up with strange configurations not ready to ship to people.

Globalscale — do you have networking documentation in progress? Coming soon? Never?

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