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Thanks for the info, it’s very useful to get others’ experience with the board as well.

@tekrantz, do you have a working kernel .config you’d be willing to share in a gist or something similar? I’m attempting to run against a custom 4.12 compilation as well but am getting kernel panics and would like a working .config against the 4.12 tree to compare against.

, I’ve come across some of your other posts regarding recompiling the kernel with PCIe wifi support and wanted to confirm whether my thought process is correct here – in the current state for the espressobin, is it possible or not to recompile a 4.4.8/4.4.52 kernel (in order to get some additional kernel features) and still have functional wifi over the PCIe interface? It sounds like the pre-built ubuntu rootfs that’s provided has functional wifi over PCIe, but we may be stuck with the stock kernel if we want wifi over PCIe since there’s no sources for those drivers? Is it possible to build a custom 4.4.8/4.4.52 image and manually load the built kernel modules from the stock rootfs into a custom kernel?

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