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I’ve gotten a hold of a RTL8191SEvB card, which the PCIe bus recognizes, but still won’t show up as a valid network interface:

[root@host ~]# lshw -short
H/W path  Device  Class      Description
                  system     Marvell Armada 3720 Community Board
/0                bus        Motherboard
/0/1              processor  cpu
/0/2              processor  cpu
/0/3              memory     925MiB System memory
/0/0              network    RTL8191SEvB Wireless LAN Controller
/2        usb3    bus        xHCI Host Controller
/3        usb2    bus        xHCI Host Controller
/1        usb1    bus        EHCI Host Controller
/4        lan1    network    Ethernet interface
/5        br0     network    Ethernet interface
/6        lan0    network    Ethernet interface
/7        wan     network    Ethernet interface
/8        eth0    network    Ethernet interface
[root@host ~]# rfkill list all
[root@host ~]# iw list
[root@host ~]#

Based upon the replies to this thread, it would appear that there are no known PCIe cards that work on the espressobin. This post by @Bryan seems to suggest that a compatible Marvell card is forthcoming, but to be completely honest I’m skeptical given that the official wiki purports that this Realtek card is compatible as well, but nobody has been able to make it work successfully.

Having tried unsuccessfully to make a few Realtek, ath10k, and ath9k cards work, I’m curious whether anyone from globalscale/marvell would like to chime in to clarify the situation, otherwise it would appear that the espressobin is dead in the water when it comes to wifi over PCIe.

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