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Hi Mika

My needs are similar to yours:

WAN connection (xDSL modem, connected on the wan port)
WAN2 connection (backup? USB 4G dongle (or 4G router in bridge mode))

Firewall + IDS + SNORT
DHCP server
router/gateway: possibility to route internet traffic to 4G or xDSL, depending on source IP or destination port

WIFI acces point (using pci-e wifi card) or external AccessPoint
LAN connection

samba / OMV / NAS [b]ligth[/b] server

but not a media/headless server
transmisison + sickrage
TV-Headend server

the reason is that i want to make sure that the prime functions (routing + FW) always work while the secondary functions might flood the connection / CPU.

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