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> I was able to debug the boot from mmc on the 4.12.1 issue and found that the sdhc support was not able to be compiled in. Only option was a module.
You might try to use an Initrd, this allowed me to boot from mmcblk0.

> CPUFreq not working. Might have missed a module in my kernel compile.
Ack. The dts doesn’t contain necessary declarations to make cpu frequency scaling work.

> XOR raid engine crashing
Could you describe how to provoke/repeat this crash.

> All NICs coming in with the same MAC (uBoot setting, not kernel problem??):
It seems to be a randomly chosen address. u-boot has some distinct addresses defined but they aren’t used.

> Really poor onboard NIC performance. 921 Mbits/sec @ 100% CPU usage.

I’ll try to run some tests against the kernel image provided in the buildroot environment

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