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    So I thought this was driven by the community, open and helpful. Obviously, I was mistaken. Sorry for having asked a question.

    See, it was possible to solve the problem without me after all. We are just a few people who are contributing to this project in our spare time and with our private resources and neither you or Globalscale are our customers.

    Images, which are here, are clearly the best possible for Espressobin but they are still in early stage. This means they do not receive any support since supporting unfinished work would burn out/kill virtually all of our resources in no time. This can lead to closing the entire project down. There are 100.000+ users of Armbian and there is no way few people could solve their/yours/our problems. For free or for money. I can only point them/you to the forum and google in most cases. Your problem can be and it was heard but can’t be addressed in real time. Since you solved the problem, you might help others?

    A community is not just you and me.



    My harsh reply was simply the result of feeling scorned. The sentence “Our (free) support ends here.” closing the very first message
    I received sounded a little too much as “Pay if you want to know more”. Your last message tells me I misunderstood, so I’m sorry
    for this, please accept my apologies.

    I know what open-source development is. I have been doing this for 24 years now, in various projects, in various languages, in various environments.
    I do belong to several organizations in this field, some more free software and copyleft licenses oriented, some more open-source and permissive
    licenses oriented (I have been voted as an Apache member more than 10 years ago). I work on free software full time, and a very large part of
    this job is helping users and maintaining a community. I do not have the skills for maintaining a Linux distribution, sorry, I’m just a regular
    Linux user since 1996 (before that I developed free software on Unix/Solaris).



    I am glad that you are able to understand the situation. Well, before I started this project, now four years ago, I was also just a regular Linux user. From the same century 🙂 My first Linux was below 1.0 with Unix/Solaris/VMS experience as well and I needed to learn how to develop and maintain such project. I have some similar experiences, but not like such.

    Maintaining this project is, in fact, full-time volunteering job and a hobby for a group of people. Stress level is already high, while there is no other way to relieve than work less and cut down people who want something from me/us. I would like to help, but then more important things get delayed and overall we made a bigger problem.

    Expanding the project with putting more and more of only our own money is a bit stupid since the project doesn’t bring any financial gain, we are not even close to cover basic expenses, while most board makers, those who are profiting with our free work, including Globalscale, deny any financial help. Not a penny for a usable system software.



    – kernel upgraded to 4.4.96
    – optional 4.13.10 RealTime kernels https://forum.armbian.com/topic/5576-fully-preemptible-kernels/



    – kernel upgrade to 4.4.102
    – Debian Stretch or Ubuntu Xenial
    – added NEXT branch with kernel 4.14.2

    More info: https://twitter.com/armbian/status/934406634432090112

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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