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    I don’t yet own this board but I am heavily considering getting one, as it is one of the only hardware platforms that may suit my needs. I had a couple questions about this though:

    1. I intend to record from 2x 1080p@30FPS webcams simultaneously, using gstreamer. Using a 1.2GHz quad core IMX6, CPU usage gets up to roughly 30% with just one camera. Though it is double the cores, it is also an outdated 32-bit CPU. I’m not sure if the differences in the A53 are enough. In the event they’re not, I’m fine with adding a heatsink to the board and overclock it, but I’m aware there is no official overclock support. I think if I could get to at least 1.6GHz I ought to be in the clear. I’m assuming there are no transcoding codecs.

    2. I saw the GPIO header mapping and I was wondering what the supported voltage was, and, if you are able to reconfigure the pins? For example, I’d rather replace the MMC pins to be configured as GPIO pins, but, I don’t know if they’re actually wired directly to any of the on-board connectors.


    Looking at the schematic, most of the I/O banks seem to be 1.8V.

    The eMMC pins seem to be dedicated lines coming out of the SoC, and are only exposed via the eMMC pads on the board. They don’t run out to the Berg headers at the sides of the board. I don’t know if the SoC lets you remap the eMMC controller to other pins.


    Any info on overclocking? I’ve heard these boards are also running at 1GHz, and in some cases 800MHz. I don’t like the sound of that kind of limitation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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