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    the documentation & and faq claim that the espressobin can be powered over the 5V microUSB. I connected the micro usb connector to a 2A usb wall charger, yet the board does not boot. Did anyone get to boot the espresssobin over the 5V microUSB? Am I missing something?




    I haven’t used my espressobin yet – no time so far – so this is pure theoretical.


    There is a schematic which shows both the 12V jack and the usb power line “+USB5V”.

    Through the chip UP7534DMA5-15 the microusb powers ONLY the +5V line.
    +12V from the jack goes to J4 (BIT5 – MOLEX) and to the chip RT6220 – a buck converter – to feed the +5V line.

    So it should work – if your 5V 2A powersupply is of good quality. With RaspberryPi there are a lot of issues with powersupplies rated for 5V/2A but can barely manage 1A



    No it does not. You must use the 12v power supply. I recently proved this to myself. You will be unable to get into the basic console mode without the power supply and the instructions are incorrect for initial start, you will not get to boot into any type of operating system.



    There are a desing error in U18 route. You can solve it doing a wrapping between U18(pin 1) and U18(pin 2) if you never use a 12V power supply. If 12V is needed you can add a resistor R=~1MOhm between U18(pin 1) and U18(pin 2).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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