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    When the board is a PCIe endpoint, the u-boot pci command responds with “No such bus”. I changed the software by referring to the URL of Enabling ESPRESSObin board as PCIe Endpoint.
    PCIe links up, but configuration read/write times out. At this time, the memory of PCIe BAR0/BAR1 can be accessed from the PC(RootComplex).
    Eventually I want to access the PC’s memory(RootComplex) from EndPoint, is that possible?

    PCIE-0: Link up
    ERROR: config read/write timed out
    at drivers/pci/pcie_advk.c:204/pcie_advk_wait_pio()
    Cannot read bus configuration: -22
    Marvell>> pci
    No such bus

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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