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    Just got my board a few days ago. Got up and running within minutes, a great board. Some notes though.

    Power through the mini-USB port obviously does not work. It’s only for the USB to serial. The documentation says otherwise, please update.

    SATA and USB3 work great! I can get full SATA speeds, and saturate a GigE network link with either a FTP or Samba Session at full tilt!

    This is the board that I and many others have been waiting for!

    Quad Core would have been a bonus, but for the price, I’m not going to complain.

    My specific application is a NAS/OpenVPN server, with a port multiplier, this board looks perfect for it.

    Mini PCIE card looks great for either wireless or MSATA.

    SSH performance is not the greatest, but for a NAS running Samba or NFS it will more than do. SSH over internet will be limited by the link’s performance anyway.

    It’s too bad the kickstarter didn’t reach the case level, a good case would have been great. I’ll see if I can re-use an old router case. I’ve got a few old DI-624 cases I can repurpose.

    Please provide us with the jumper settings. If i’m reading them correct, it looks like we can route the PCIE link over the USB port. Not so sure about the other jumpers though.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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