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    I have 2 espressobin v5 boards. however, 1 of them does not have a MicroUSB port! is this an option? is this normal?

    regardless how do I upgrade u-boot/bootloader w/o a MicroUSB port? can I get a serial connection some other way? can I do it via ssh? is there some other method that does not involve soldering?


    ps here is the image of the 2 boards beside ea other; you can clearly see 1 is missing the port!


    Hi mowglie,

    EspressoBin V5 comes with Micro USB connector and there is no other way to upgrade u-boot/bootloader w/o Micro USB port.
    From the look of solder pads, it looks like the Micro USB connector is peeled off from the board.
    My suggestion is return that one to where you purchased from.

    Best regards,



    Unfortunately I don’t have the receipts or ability to return. Any other options other than crappy paperweight? Can I serial via the regular USB ports?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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