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    Will this board support pcie storage? Either via the cellular m.2 slot or the mini-pcie slot? The other option would be the usb 3.0 ports or the sata m.2, but I’d prefer to use pcie so that I can get higher that 6gb speeds out of it.
    I want to use the board as a high speed network game drive using the SFP+, as well as its other routing and WiFi abilities.


    I suppose you can buy one mini pcie to m.2 converter to get nvme drive support, the speed will be limited to 3.0*1 ~1GB/s, a bit higher than sata 3 600MB/s. The form factor for nvme drive will also be limited because of the design of the board, i suppose it would be better to use 2230/2242 m.2 drive. It seems the built in m.2 slot is dedicated for sata m.2 drive and I am not sure will it be repurposed as nvme m.2 slot.
    Personally i would not suggest using mini pcie to m.2 converter to get nvme support as the converter adds up instability.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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