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    Good morning to all,

    I have finally succeffully added support for Mini PCIE quectel modem UC20-G to Espresso bin board.
    This modem is one of the few that embed a SIM holder and thus can supply of the lack of the espresso bin to hold a sim card.
    Here is the link
    It gives GSM connectivity and GNSS positioning signal.
    Is a UMTS/HSPA+ modem, not LTE but enaught for a Iot Gateway and for not pushed throughoutput stream applications.

    Hardware setup is really simple, just use two screws M2X7mm 0.4mm step, move J16 and J19 to the PCIE side (this redirect power supply from the usb connector J8 to the usb embedded in the PCIE one.
    You will need 2 cables UFL-SMA to strip out rf and GNSS signal.

    Firmware integrations can be achieved through QMI or PPP service.
    I didn’t be able to activate QMI service, I think I didn’t installed the proper kernel modules, but I’m working on this.
    So actually my setup is working with a PPP connection.

    To Achieve this It will need to modify some kernel files and properly install pppd application in the OS, finally setup the connection options and scripts.
    As I will prepare a more detailed document I will share details of my experience. I started this new thread to inform the community of this possibility.

    Thanks for reading.



    Thanks Lucavanzin for sharing!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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