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    Dear Devs I have a weird issue. I’ve put arch on an SD card and everything works… except sniffing the bridge interface. They use systemd networking to get it up and running, but I was sure that using tcpdump on a bridge should work without any issue. Only packets destined for the IP of the bridge (if I assign one) and ones coming from my other switch appear. I only connect the two lan ports that belong to the bridge.
    Can anyone point me into what I should look? Is the topaz switch doing something?

    Many thanks,



    Right… so the reason why I cannot see the traffic is because they are not separate interfaces as I thought, two ports are behind the switch IC and one on the SOC.




    Did you/anyone find any solution to this? Espressobin is not suitable for my purpose if the two additional ports can only be used as a full switch.




    I’m encountering the same issue trying to monitor traffic by bridging those two interfaces. Anyone have any luck figuring this out? Or found different hardware better suited to the purpose? Any direction would be helpful, thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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