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    Do you see that the messages are cut off on the right? So we don’t know what they say. Either make your terminal larger, or easiest might be to say journalctl -u ubos-httpd -b | cat.

    Did you make any changes to the Apache config file(s) by any chance?

    You can also say /usr/share/ubos-admin/bin/ubos-apachectl configtest to check that the apache configuration is valid.

    What happens if you start Apache manually like this: /usr/share/ubos-admin/bin/ubos-apachectl start?



    Ok, here is the full message.

    [shepherd@ubos-espressobin ~]$ sudo journalctl -u ubos-httpd -b
    -- Logs begin at Wed 2017-02-01 01:09:21 UTC, end at Wed 2017-08-23 23:21:28 UTC. --
    Aug 23 23:20:08 ubos-espressobin systemd[1]: Starting Apache Web Server configured for UBOS...
    Aug 23 23:20:08 ubos-espressobin ubos-httpd[661]: Starting ubos-httpd.service
    Aug 23 23:20:09 ubos-espressobin systemd[1]: ubos-httpd.service: Control process exited, code=exited status=1
    Aug 23 23:20:09 ubos-espressobin systemd[1]: Failed to start Apache Web Server configured for UBOS.
    Aug 23 23:20:09 ubos-espressobin systemd[1]: ubos-httpd.service: Unit entered failed state.
    Aug 23 23:20:09 ubos-espressobin systemd[1]: ubos-httpd.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

    I haven’t made any changes to any config files. I think we’re getting somewhere though.

    [shepherd@ubos-espressobin ~]$ /usr/share/ubos-admin/bin/ubos-apachectl configtest
    AH00526: Syntax error on line 35 of /etc/httpd/ubos/sites/s4cfdb93f563a4302a2c4c8ed91c69eb7ce62070c.conf:
    SSLCertificateKeyFile: file '/etc/letsencrypt/live/kel.duckdns.org/privkey.pem' does not exist or is empty


    It’s saying the privkey.pem does not exist or is empty, however I have checked and it is there and not empty. Could it be a permissions issue?



    This helps. My suspicion is now that this is an Apache strange behavior we encountered before… in this situation, basically, HTTPS works immediately after deployment of an HTTPS site, but Apache fails to come back up if restarted. I think the exact error message that we saw was different, but similar to what you are reporting.

    This may be consistent with what you saw? It worked the first time, but failed after reboot?

    I call it an Apache strange behavior because it has no business to do this, and it used to work in this configuration.

    Investigation showed that it can be avoided if we don’t use the Apache CACertificateChainFile directive, but aggregate all certificates into a single file. Code for doing this has been implemented, but hasn’t been pushed out to UBOS yellow. So stay tuned … in the meantime, either deploy the site without TLS, or edit the files manually, or upgrade the ubos-admin package from the develop branch in git, or move the device to the dev channel, in increasing steps of required adventerousness on your part.



    Yes, that’s what I’m experiencing. Everything works great until poweroff or reboot.

    Ok, thank you for the help and info. I may try the dev channel for a bit to play around until the next release of yellow.



    Any updates on the next beta release of ubos? I see a lot of activity on the github. I am dead in the water still since I haven’t had time to tinker with any manual changes to fix the apache behavior. I’m looking forward to trying the next release.



    Going through QA right now. Unfortunately finding a few bugs 🙂 You can track progress by watching the issues labeled with the upcoming release. We will be done when 1) none of them are “open” and 2) all of them have been marked “verified”.

    Want to help? There’s one blocker that just popped on the EspressoBIN, which is unresolved so far. Would help even if somebody could reproduce it on a different device: https://github.com/uboslinux/ubos-admin/issues/299 . Use the most recent UBOS EspressoBIN build image from here: http://depot.ubos.net/red/aarch64/images/



    Cool. I will try to test the most recent image on the espressobin. I am also goint to try running in a container on arch on my odroid c2. Will report any bugs I find on github.

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)

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