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    I think I may have made a mistake asking on the OpenWRT forum for something that would serve as a network file server just for personal files in a home user situation. I am a long time user of OpenWRT but I don’t really know Linux but simply some basic commands. I mostly keep my config files edited with WinSCP via my Windows machine.

    Someone suggested the espressobin V5 to me and I just ordered and received it. I was hoping I could use some type of Windows program to burn an image of OpenWRT to a SD card, install the card and then boot up the espressobin as an OpenWRT router, also installing pacakge files including LUCI to configure the box.

    Should I send the box back and look for something that is more straight forward? I don’t even have a Linux machine available to manually partition the card nor would I know what to do with one to try to work down through the complicated partitioning etc that I have read so far.

    Is there any way to save this investment or should I return the board and look for a pre-configured system. Like I say I can use OpenWRT and load packages and configure them via Windows WinSCP but I can’t build systems, drives and program with Linux to run on a board computer. I’d hoped it was more straight forward and easier to get started. (And I have no clue about a bootloader other than with routers you press the reset and hold it to try to capture TFTP to upload a soft-bricked device.




    You can get a preprogrammed SD card from GlobalScale Technologies for $10 but it’s not clear what comes on the SD card.


    I’m relatively new to Linux (4-5 years experience) and I would say from my struggles that this might not be the board for you. I’ve had to learn way more about building OSs than I ever cared to learn and that was just to get an RTC device to show up in /dev. I’ve also seen this board described as being “squarely in the pro-maker market” which I would say is accurate.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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