Install M.2 Drive

1. Open front panel (LED side) and back panel
2. Pull out PCBA slowly unit M.2 connector is accessible ( pulling too fast might disconnect WiFi antennas)
3. Insert M.2 SSD Drive
4. Put front and back panel back

Boot from M.2 Drive

  1. Format M.2 SSD filesystem to ext4
  2. Copy the rootfs to M.2 SSD
  3. Change your u-boot boot environment as below

env default -a

setenv image_name boot/Image

setenv fdt_name boot/armada-3720-ccpe.dtb

setenv bootcmd ‘scsi scan; scsi dev 0; ext4load scsi 0:1 $kernel_addr_r $image_name; ext4load scsi 0:1 $fdt_addr_r $fdt_name; setenv bootargs $console root=PARTUUID=bc593c04-01 rw rootwait net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0; booti $kernel_addr_r – $fdt_addr_r’



Change the “bc593c04-01” partition ID to your M.2 SSD partition ID (see below picture).  If you don’t want to use partition ID, you also can set “root=/dev/sda1”, but if you have insert another USB disk to device sometimes system maybe give the device name “sda1” for usbdisk, not for M.2 SSD disk

Devices shown with “ip link”

lo:  localhost

bond0: for linux network bonding

eth0:  link to marvell topaz switch (88e6341) CPU port (port# 0)

sit0@NONE: used to tunnel IPv6 through an IPv4 connection.

lan0@eth0: link to marvell topaz switch (88e6341) port# 1

lan1@eth0: link to marvell topaz switch (88e6341) port# 2

lan2@eth0: link to marvell topaz switch (88e6341) port# 3

lan3@eth0: link to marvell topaz switch (88e6341) port# 4

wan@eth0: link to marvell topaz switch (88e6341) port# 5

LED Control

Ultra has four LEDs (led1~led4)

#  To turn on / off led1
echo 255 > /sys/class/led/led1/brightness
echo 0 > /sys/class/led/led1/brightness

Configure the LED trigger to control LED
# configure led trigger
cd /sys/class/led/led1
echo heartbeat > trigger



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