Running Open Source Software on ESPRESSObin

The Marvell ESPRESSObin board project, launched by Globalscale Technologies on Kickstarter at the beginning of October this year, is a single board

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ESPRESSObin-powered circuit drawing with Fritzing

The ESPRESSObin team designed ESPRESSObin SBC part which can be easily imported into Fritzing, a popular, open source Electronic Design Automation software

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Espressobin hardware brief outline

ESPRESSObin Specs Powered by a 64bit Dual Core ARM A53 Armada 3700 SOC clocked up to 1.2Ghz 1x Topaz Networking Switch 1x

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ESPRESSObin in mainline Linux

What does mainline imply? It means that a supported platform, or in ESPRESSObin’s case the Armada 3700 dual-core SoC, can be booted

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ESPRESSObin Kickstarter campaign

Kickstarter campaign for Marvell ESPRESSObin board by Globalscale was launched in October 2016 aiming to fund the development of a Marvell ARM

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