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    Let me know when the espressobin pfsense image is ready and how to acquire, very interested in testing. AMAZING work!


    @gonzopancho – I’d like to test out pfSense on my (two) EspressoBIN boards when they arrive as well.
    My boards are 2GB (I believe that many are 1GB, so it might make a difference performance wise).
    I do not know yet if my boards have eMMC, but I do plan on attaching a 2.5″ WD Red harddisk (especially for logging).
    I’ve ordered a USB3-to-Ethernet adapter, which works with Armbian; I don’t expect that it will work with pfSense, but since it already works with Armbian, the source code for the driver must be availble – that might make support possible.
    (I’ll also be ordering a Marvell based Mini-PCIe-to-4-port-SATA adapter).


    I have been actively looking for a pfSense/OPNSense capable SBC for some time now. I really don’t have the room nor the electricity budget to install an old PC in my network closet but I’m tired of off the shelf router’s and their limited functionality.

    An Espressobin running pfSense seems to be the perfect fit for my home network with all the features I’m after!


    @slaeyer – as a bonus, you’ll get a device that…

    • Uses very little power: Less than 2W (normally around 1W. -Since it’s on 24/7, this is significant for electricity bills.
    • Makes no noise (itøs fanless).
    • Can easily be run on ‘green power’ – eg. solar/wind power.
    • Can run on a cheap home-made UPS using two diodes and a battery.

    Note: I’ll be running mine with a WD Red drive, which uses 0.2W idle power and 1.4W read/write power. The drive will not be powered by the EspressoBIN. So in theory, I shouldn’t need a 12V PSU.


    Hi @gonzopancho

    any news on making pfSense run on eMMC? Otherwise I’m happy to test it from USB too.



    This would be fantastic to see in the wild. Appreciate your time and immense efforts working on this project.


    test test


    Re:test test
    I wish I could use this piece of brick…

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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